Wrinkled paper.

The Old Mission

Originally, the mission was to raise enough funds from my GoFundMe fundraiser in order to save enough money to secure a deposit to an nearby cheap apartment which I was gonna transit into. However, that fundraiser hadn't had much success despite all my efforts to try and post updates of my overall status as well as promoting via social media. I had a lot of trolls come in scorning and disdaining my social media posts by falsely calling it a scam even though not as it's obviously a fundraising cause.


So what ended up happening was me instead borrowing a bunch of loans to get stuff I needed to be more self-sufficient. Things such as a small fridge, an electric indoor grill, and an air fryer. I was going to try and purchase an electric scooter since my mom and I have no car, but couldn't. I did get a free charity bike from some strict supervisor (whom I'm glad has now quit and relocated to a different job). I hated the bike though as it was too bulky and not feasible for transportation to work.

The New Mission

Nonetheless, my new mission now is to find another new gig remote or something in order to free up some financial debt I've accumulated from all these payday loans. The most recent being after I ended up having to borrow $700 in order to help my mom pay her past due storage rent bill or else they were gonna auction all of our stuff just like how a different storage company did to us last time back in 2018. Back then, we lost all of our stuff including family photos, furniture, and even my game consoles and school yearbooks. I basically had to start my life over again. I'm tired of losing and starting my life over repeatedly. That's why I borrowed the loan because I couldn't allow that to happen again, however, now it's almost impossible for me to save any money at all to get out of these hotels!