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New update after 3 months: My Instagram was suspended

Let me start off by saying that I know it's been about 3 months since I've last updated anything on my blog posts. I've yet to even update on my social pages. This is because of how time-consuming and stressful it was working there. And as usual, I had to figure out more ways to try and save money to pay for the hotel costs and fees from the loan bills I'm repaying back.

It's because of stuff like this, that's why I've lately just been keeping things on the low. I've also done it due to the constant trolls on my FB fan page and because I barely had any more money to even run advertisement to bring more awareness about my campaign. The problem though now was I got desperate and tried to get some sort of service to boost my Instagram followers from this company called Social Boost.

Initially, they seemed like a reputable business at first due to their high ratings on Trustpilot, until after trying them out. Long story short, they've caused my Instagram account to be suspended in less than a month of using their service over suspicion of fraud. Since they were logging into my account from a different country, in order for them to quickly gain me fake followers by having my account randomly like and follow other random accounts.

Of course, I can't even reach out to Instagram in regard to this, since they have no phone support nor a working support email address. Their app kept giving me these annoying pop-ups about doing a selfie verification. The crazy part about this is how it would constantly pop back up even after I've closed the Instagram app off from running in the background and was on a different app or my home screen. I was not going to show my face over some verification for something when I can't even reach a support team about first. So I just uninstalled it altogether.

I'll be adding my other social links instead, like Twitter and Pinterest. Those accounts currently doesn't have a lot of content on them for now. But feel free to check them out whenever you can.

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