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I've finally brought a new microwave

Recently, I've found out that Amazon was running some kind of Prime early access sale on October 11th and 12th. Luckily, since I was a Prime member myself, I was able to take advantage of this deal. So on the 12th, I was browsing around for some necessities I needed myself, such as a new microwave or a bigger fridge. I tried to look for electric scooters, but it was still too pricey and over my budget.

However, I did manage to find good deals on a microwave. And this one Toshiba microwave was on sale for only 99 dollars! It was a deal I could not miss.

There was another model version for $134 which mentioned a smart sensor feature, but it was literally the same thing as the silver and black color. Only difference being it didn't have an auto cook button and was harder to read due to the black background layout.

Days after, that same microwave I brought from Amazon had gone up to $217! So I can only imagine that they've raised the price now after it had massive sales. Again, this is just for a basic microwave. Nothing too fancy or premium about it.

However, this price comparison before the deal and after just shows proof over how companies would try to upsell as much as they possibly can without even evaluating the main reasons why it should now all of a sudden cost more. Since they didn't even bother upselling the "1.2 Cu. Ft.-Smart Sensor" version, which is literally the same thing.

Anyways, I'm glad I was able to get a cheap deal on this perfect early opportunity while the big holidays are coming up soon. The only issue though is I still don't have a normal-sized fridge. Which means I won't be able to store much in the fridge for reheating, such as microwavable foods or meat products. It'll be much harder still trying to be conservative.

Regardless, this is a start in the right direction since we hadn't been without a microwave for months now, ever since staying at the Red Roof Inn hotel. I'm hoping Amazon will make another deal like this soon on Black Friday that's coming up soon.

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