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I just got let go from my warehouse job

Just yesterday, I've found out that I've been let go from my job. It happened around the afternoon at 2 pm, which was a few hours after lunch break (11:30 am). But before I get to how this came about, I wanted to mention that they've already had let go of some other worker weeks ago and made a meeting announcement about how the company was starting to lay off workers from our main warehouse building.

Which is odd, because of the timing behind all of this, after hearing on the news about how Google and Microsoft had been letting their own employees go. For example, the story of how Google had let go of 12,000 workers. If that by itself doesn't feel much like a conspiracy ever since the pandemic, then I don't know what else is. Because moments before my boss had me walk up to the conference room about the absurd news, I saw one of the co-workers walking away without saying a word. So I could already tell he got laid off, and now I was next.

I went into the conference room and the assistant manager just outright tells me about me being let go without any reasons given whatsoever. Just a blanket statement from the HR lady about how,"It's what's best for business." right after asking why I was let go. It felt completely awkward and stiff just being there and having this meeting with them about this.

Then I told to hand them my work badge and was being walked out to grab all of my belongings before leaving the workplace for good.

Now, make no mistake, I'm not upset about losing the job. Instead, I'm more concerned about how I'm going to take care of my hotel and loan bills. As well as how long it is going to take for me to either get a job or file for unemployment benefits soon. Yet either way, I'm still stuck in deep water because of all the debt I'm in right now. Honestly don't know where to turn at this point, and that's what is causing me more mental stress just thinking about it.

But hopefully I can come up with some way to get what I need done to recover from my layoff from this warehouse company. Part of me feels relief once more to not be dealing with more robotic-like slave work duties. Since all that we kept getting was the same parts in our warehouse facility to package up and ship 24/7. But ultimately, I will be more happy though when I no longer have to stress about finances at all.

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