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My Story

Hello, my name is Christian. The origin's of this story behind how and why this fundraiser got created was due to the hardships I'm facing financially right now. As my mom and I had been staying in hotels for over a year now. Now, before this incident happened, we were staying at my mom's ex-neighbor friend's apartment home back in 2020 until she kicked us out after arguments they had.

The reason of us staying at family & friends house or hotels is because we had already had apartment evictions twice. The first time we had, we had stayed at my friend's house and then my aunt's after kicked out from there. This was back in 2018. That same year we got a new apartment which my aunt helped us get, however, we lost all of our storage items since my mom wasn't able to help pay the storage rent fees off. She was still under social security benefits at the time yet was paying her little salary.


Meanwhile, I was working a restaurant job until a year later after getting fired for missing one day of work due to a stormy day, which caused me to have no electricity to get Uber. Then my mom lost her SSI benefits because they assumed she worked too many hours from an understaffed job. She then lost her car after it broke down and got towed due to it being parked at a tire shop for a prolonged time. We then ultimately got kicked out of the apartment from the landlord.

This was the fallout that originated back in 2019 that got us struggling even more. So in hopes of starting life back over again, we then moved over to Los Angeles where my older brother lives at because he thought it was a good idea for us to be there for a better life due to higher paying jobs there. But instead, the plan completely backfired, as the cost of living there was high. Not only that, his roommate left him and took all of her furniture with her after finding out we were staying there at his house. As a result, he left us to figure everything out ourselves, including bus routes and EBT while he was at work.

So we went back to Texas to recover and stayed at my mom's ex-neighbor's house, yet that was when the pandemic happened back in 2020. So fast-forward to after we got kicked out from my mom's neighbor house a year afterwards, we were staying at expensive hotel stays. Rent for 1 night at a typical hotel goes to as high as $65 per night. Which means for a week's rate, it was typically $430 or more per 7 night stays! A month was $1,720. The hotel we stayed at for a year was called Comfort Inn & Suites until the owner decided to shut it down back in June 7th.

For reasons being that the hotel had a lot of issues such as elevator problems, old, non-functioning room doors and other disruptions, yet instead of him reinvesting in the hotel to fix them, he decides to sell it out instead and reinvent it into a building for senior living. Not only that, he also tried to cash in on every guest's $100 bill envelope from the safe box that was originally used to help cover their incidental fees. Then during the last week of our hotel stay, he upsold the rate to 100 dollars a night. As a result, we had to then move out to the cheapest hotel nearby and carry all of our luggage by foot.

The new hotel we're in now is called Red Roof Inn. However, due to it being a ghetto, 1-star lowly rated, budget hotel, there's no fridge or microwave for the double bedrooms. Although luckily we already have a small fridge and an indoor electric grill / air fryer, but times are tough right now. Because ever since the cost of the last hotel and me waiting for my mom to finally get a stable job (since she kept getting laid off / fired many times), I had to keep applying for loans just to keep a roof over our head.

Now a few days ago, I just had to apply for a $700 loan just to help pay her past due amount of storage rent or else they were going to sell and auction it (just like the incident last time). So now I have a ton of payday loan debt I have to pay back and is causing more stress overall. I'm literally paying back to three different loan companies all at once. This is why that despite me moving into a cheaper hotel that's only $54 per night instead of $64, it's still hard to financially get by.

Now originally, the plan and goal of this fundraiser was to eventually save enough money to transit into a home such as an apartment or stand-alone house. But because my GoFundMe fundraiser hadn't had much success, that's why I'm still struggling financially right now. And it doesn't help that there are trolls from social media assuming and calling it a scam without even taking the time to read or listen to my story.  It just seems like no matter what, my financial problems and obstacles never ceased to stop getting worse. That's why I'm hoping to get potential donors to help me out, so I can eventually get back on my feet. Just anything or even helpful advice to help me get through. Even $20 would mean a lot to me in my current state.


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Help Us Achieve Our Dream

Help Us Achieve Our Dream

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