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Fundraising goal / Obstacles

The main goal of this fundraiser to raise enough funds to get out of living in expensive hotels so I can transit back into an affordable apartment housing. I felt that I needed to create this crowdfunding campaign due to all the financial hardships and struggles that's currently making it unbearably difficult for my mom and I to overcome and reach our objective.

Let me give a clear list of the obstacles we've faced as of now from chronological order...


    1. My mom lost her social security benefits back in 2019 due to trying to work a full-time job, since they assumed she worked too many hours despite the government paying her little.

    2. That same year, she then lost her car after it was broke down and got towed, costing $2k just to get back in the same broken conditions.

    3. We then lost our apartment due to a 2nd apartment eviction notice since she lost her SSI and us both losing our jobs back then.

    4. Afterwards, we tried moving to Los Angeles, (where my older brother was staying) to start a new life. The plan was to get higher paying jobs there. However, the cost of living in L.A. was exponentially high, as expected. So bad that there are homeless folks with tents there in some areas.

2020: This was when we were staying at my mom's neighbor friend's house back at our old apartment complex before our 1st eviction. And this was also when the pandemic happened. So I was on unemployed benefits & stimulus check pay until then.


    5. April 2021 was when we started staying back at hotels after we could no longer afford to stay at any family or friend's housing. This was recently after a big argument with my mom's ex-neighbor friend, causing us to eventually get kicked out.

    6. During the pandemic, I've spent and wasted all of my unemployment benefits and Covid-19 stimulus checks while trying to extend hotels and get my vaccine shots. I almost became homeless had I not got financial help from my older brother before finally landing me a full-time job.

  7. Despite us finally working, it is still almost impossible to save any money since we have no car and no kitchen from the hotel room. Which means more money wasted on ride-sharing and fast food delivery apps.

   8. Hotel rate costs fluctuate back and forth. One moment, it could be as cheap as $64 one night, then could change to $84 on a weekend. So now I'm having to use the Earnin app and Zip (formerly QuadPay) just to reduce the hotel costs in installments so we don't go homeless.

   9. Additionally, ever since the pandemic and rising costs of inflation, the costs for housing had gone up exponentially. Don't believe me? Click here to see the average rent costs as of now in Plano, TX. It used to be around $1k to $1.2k. Now it has skyrocketed to $1.5k! And that's just for a 1 bedroom unit.

   10: Ever since the creation of my GoFundMe campaign, it wasn't successful enough since I had only raised $100 funds. So I had to borrow a $400 loan just to buy a mini fridge, air fryer, and indoor electric grill.


   11. June 2022 was when the last hotel we were last in shutdown. This was all because of the greedy hotel owner decided he no longer wanted to reinvest and fix the issues within the hotel building itself. Especially major problems revolving around the elevators. Which he never came to visit his property until he finally sold it.

  12. Then to make matters worse, that owner tried upselling his property to $100 per night on our final weeks of the hotel closing. Then he went to cash out all the guest's incidental fee cash from the front desk safe box. Which meant we had no other choice but to move all of our stuff by hand, since we couldn't afford any truck movers. Later on, I then had to borrow a $200 loan just to keep afloat from the move.

  13. As a result, we are now staying at the cheapest yet crummy hotel in the area. Literally, this has to be the most ghetto, crappy hotel ever. But don't take my word for it, just read all the low rated Google reviews here.


(Now look, I know some people might think I'm complaining too much about the hotel itself and that I'm not grateful to at least have a place to stay versus homeless folks.


So let me make this clear... I still am grateful, however, this hotel doesn't even provide the basic amenity necessities such as a fridge & microwave. So had we not brought those ourselves, we'd really be stuck wasting more money on food delivery since there'd be no option to reheat microwavable foods.)

  14. Back in July 2022, I had to borrow a $600 loan to help cover the costs for my mom's storage rent or else it would've been auctioned due to non-payment. Something which happened to us already back in 2018. So we had already lost all of my stuff and more.

   15. Due to me having to keep borrowing loans, such as a recent $300 loan as of October 2022, I'm really in deep water right now. All of these loans I had to apply for are only making my financial situation much worse due to the high interest rates.


So with all the obstacles mentioned above, that's why it's crucial that I get some kind of financial support from either this fundraiser unless some miracle happens such as a better paying job. So I can eventually get through all the obstruction and losses I've already faced and still am as it's ongoing.

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