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Comfort Inn & Suites hotel.





Comfort Inn & Suites

This was the hotel my mom and I were staying at since April 2021. We've stayed there for about a year. Until...

Comfort Inn now changed to Deluxe Inn.jpg








Deluxe Inn

This is the hotel now months later after it shut down and closed indefinitely on June 7th 2022. Ever since then, we had to quickly find and move to the cheapest, budget hotel nearby.

We had no time nor money to get any truck movers. So we carried everything by hand to the hotel we're now in.

How Comfort Inn & Suites Shut Down

Hotel elevator buttons broken sign
Hotel elevator buttons broken sign

Elevator problems at Comfort Inn & Suites.

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Raggedy snack vending machine
Raggedy snack vending machine

Old, raggedy vending machine at Comfort Inn & Suites.

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Vending machine replacement still with more issues
Vending machine replacement still with more issues

A Snapple bottled drink stuck in the vending machine

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Hotel elevator buttons broken sign
Hotel elevator buttons broken sign

Elevator problems at Comfort Inn & Suites.

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The hotel had a lot of various problems as the building itself was decaying. And it wasn't getting any better after the pandemic as they weren't able to serve free breakfast anymore despite advertising that they still do elsewhere on booking sites. I still remembered the biggest issue within the building were the double elevators not working.

That was the main complaint from guests and even the receptionists and housekeeping that worked there. However, for the longest, the owner never came to check his property out. Around the late month of May was when I received a landline phone call from the front desk manager telling me that the hotel was closing down indefinitely.


She told me that the owner decided to sell his property instead of reinvesting it to fix the overall problems the hotel had for years. So the owner's plan was to change it to a building for senior living.

Where we're staying at now...

We're now staying at some cheap budget-suite hotel called Red Roof Inn. Although the nightly rate costs much lower than Comfort Inn & Suites, it's still very uncomfortable and a ghetto place to live in.


The double bedroom is also missing the necessities, such as a fridge and a microwave. Luckily, we already have a fridge and now a microwave, but that's it besides an air fryer and electric indoor grill.

Red Roof Inn hotel
debt pennies.png

Sometimes it's better to show than just tell you. So that way you see just how much debt I have. Scroll down and allow me to explain how this happened...




Financial stress as the debt keeps piling up

Remember how I said we had a fridge, air fryer, and an indoor electric grill? Well... what I didn't mention yet was how I had to borrow a $400 loan in order to buy them. This was while I was still staying at Comfort Inn & Suites before the move. But then I had to borrow a $200 loan to help with the move after the hotel owner became greedy and decided to upsell the last week's nightly rates from $65 to $100 per night! Luckily, that loan was fully paid since it was a small amount. However, just when I thought the loan repayments was all over. Recently back in July, I had to borrow a $700 loan just to help pay my mom's past due storage bill or else it would've gone auctioned. But wait, don't think I was purposely going crazy with all of my money! I do work at a warehouse job full-time. However, half of every weekly paycheck has to go to straight the hotel reservations or else we'd be homeless. Which means I can never catch a break. Not only that, but other bills as well. How am I ever going to achieve my goal for transiting from hotels to a home when all I'm basically doing is wasting more money on Uber to work (since we got no car) and DoorDash due to no kitchen? Well... I tried to take the Dart train which worked at the time about a year back until my boss decided to relocate to a different warehouse building that's further away from the train station. So now that idea is crossed off the list as well as the bus since that's too far of a walk. Back then, there was a supervisor who was on my neck, asking me why I kept getting late to work. I told him my story of how I was taking the bus to save money instead of Uber. So he tried to help out by giving me a bike from a charity a church was offering. While it seemed nice, the idea backfired as the bike was too bulky and I was pressured onto using it like it was a motorized bike over trying to make it to work on time. This ordeal only made things worse. So ever since then, I've gotten rides from some co-workers in order to save some money. My mom later did finally found a stable job throughout this ongoing pandemic. And I was eventually promoted to $15 per hour at my warehouse job. While all of these accomplishments help, it's still not enough. Sure the hotel we're in is more cheaper than the old one, but I'm now paying back high interest rates from all the loans I borrowed. Which means more financial stress just to make ends meet.

loan graphic.png
debt pile graphic.png
hotel graphic.png
Capture zumper average rent costs in plano tx as of october 2022.PNG
Capture zumper average rent costs in plano tx as of november 2022.PNG

All I'm trying to do is get my life financially back on track in order to move back into an apartment. But it's hard due to the rising cost of inflation ever since the pandemic...

A warehouse facility.

Currently, I work at a full-time warehouse job that pays $15 per hour. This is definitely not a career job, and everyday I'm miserable working here. Basically, it's a typical dead-end slave job where all employees do is use (15-year-old, half-broken) machinery to seal manufacturing parts in bags & foam. Which then gets shipped into boxes and delivered overseas to companies that use them. Although I get paid weekly, I can almost never save any money for anything else due to paying hotel rent costs and now high payday loan fees. Which mean every week I have to crunch in and find some new way to make ends meet by using cash advance apps like Earnin or buy now, pay later apps like Zip (formerly QuadPay) or Klarna. That's the only else way to get by without dealing with more APR fees from traditional loans.


I just wish there was a suitable remote job which I could qualify for to do, but there are so many scams online. The majority of the work at home jobs currently are mostly just telemarketing gigs that require a quiet room with a hard-wired Ethernet, which I can't afford or use in a hotel room setting.

So I tried finding possible remote jobs which I thought looked legit, but turns out it wasn't. This one in particular for example was a mystery shopper gig job for Whole Foods market that I applied for back in August 2022. But turns out the $1,950 check they sent me was a fraud check that was going to bounce. Luckily, my bank reversed it, but these are examples of scams I'm talking about that makes it almost impossible to escape the slave work cycle unless you are a celebrity with a lot of followers on social media online.

With that being said, my problem is money & time. I work so much yet don't have much time for anything else. Yet vice versa, if I had more time, I would have less money since no other job opportunities or passive income to get by and save enough money for an apartment. bs fraud check over fake whole foods mystery shopper gig (completely c
Whole foods mystery shopper scam I fell for ugh (censored).jpg
homeless man.png
hands tied.png

My hands are all tied

I feel like I'm on the verge of becoming homeless soon, or close towards if I can't find a way to get this heavy debt off my shoulders. It's very difficult trying to progress when all I'm doing is wasting more money on Uber & DoorDash.


All since we got no car nor an apartment housing with a kitchen to cook our own foods with instead. And it doesn't help that there's no government help such as hotel vouchers.

I can't do it alone...

But even if I could, it won't be enough.

A man sitting alone.
Twin dudes standing by each other with grumpy faces.
Examples of troll comments I get on my FB fan page on a daily basis

The original troll tactic of calling my fundraiser a scam or spam.

A religion troll on my fb fundraiser page

Some tryhard atheist troll who's only intent is to make dumb jokes of religion over my first name.

Epic comeback on troll's dumbas gif post

Some troll posting a gruesome GIF of a rhino pooping, wtf?!

The typical scam clickbait response

This is the common replies I get the majority of the time. Mostly comes from typical trolls that didn't even bother taking a few minutes to understand my story. Yet they instead want to quickly rush into the comments section just to call it a scam or spam. All because they're too butthurt that they're seeing the promoted post on their newsfeed.

The strawman troll tactic

The title says it all. You know how it goes in typical fallen fallacies. Well this one is no different. This troll comes in the Twitter comments of my other account post, saying I'm putting myself over others. Again, manipulating what I said and twisting it to make it sound worse when I was simply only sharing my fundraiser link, which isn't forced and is still optional.

The journey won't be easy. There will be haters and trolls along the way looking to scorn and put me down...




Flag pole graphic.png
Image by Niek Doup
A held up fist covered in dirt.

But I still believe in hope. I'm not giving up on my mission that easily.


Together with enough support and teamwork, I can get through this sooner.

To where one day... I'll finally find me a new home...

And get out of living in expensive, raggedy hotels!

support 2.png

That's the belief I had in mind over why I decided to create my first ever fundraiser. Especially after all the ongoing hardships I've been through.


I have a dream where one day I'll be able to make it through this. Where maybe one day, my mom and I could finally go back to living in a real home once again.

With your support of a donation or purchase, you'd be helping our campaign reach the fundraising goal quicker in every step of the way to make our dream become reality.

Make a difference

But it all starts by you taking action. You can make a difference with even just a small contribution of $20. Without it, our fundraiser goal will fail and not succeed into helping us reduce debt and secure housing quicker.

That's why it's crucial that you take a moment to consider supporting our fundraiser.  I've even started running product fundraiser stores where you can support me that way as well. In case you'd rather purchase something instead of directly donating.

Image by zero take

So if you'd want to help support us out, then please make a difference by donating to my GoFundMe page down below...

Read My Full Story

Hello, my name is Christian. I'm 27 years old. The origin's of this story behind how and why this fundraiser got created was due to the hardships I'm facing financially right now. As my mom and I had been staying in hotels for over a year now. Now, before this incident happened, we were staying at my mom's ex-neighbor friend's apartment home back in 2020 until she kicked us out after arguments they had.

The reason of us staying at family & friends house or hotels is because we had already had apartment evictions twice. The first time we had, we had stayed at my friend's house and then my aunt's after kicked out from there. This was back in 2018. That same year we got a new apartment which my aunt helped us get, however, we lost all of our storage items since my mom wasn't able to help pay the storage rent fees off. She was still under social security benefits at the time yet was paying her little salary.


Meanwhile, I was working a restaurant job until a year later after getting fired for missing one day of work due to a stormy day, which caused me to have no electricity to get Uber. Then my mom lost her SSI benefits because they assumed she worked too many hours from an understaffed job. She then lost her car after it broke down and got towed due to it being parked at a tire shop for a prolonged time. We then ultimately got kicked out of the apartment from the landlord.

This was the fallout that originated back in 2019 that got us struggling even more. So in hopes of starting life back over again, we then moved over to Los Angeles where my older brother lives at because he thought it was a good idea for us to be there for a better life due to higher paying jobs there. But instead, the plan completely backfired, as the cost of living there was high. Not only that, his roommate left him and took all of her furniture with her after finding out we were staying there at his house. As a result, he left us to figure everything out ourselves, including bus routes and EBT while he was at work.



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